Illegal tapping of oil pipelines is costing oil companies billions of dollars in lost product each year and the problem is growing around the globe. Furthermore, the process of locating the illegal taps, repairing the pipeline, and cleaning up the environmental damage is putting a significant strain on operational resources and manpower.
Tap Enclosure Prouduct PhotoTo help combat this problem, PLIDCO, a world leader in the manufacturing of pipeline repair fittings, has developed the Tap+Enclosure, a line of innovative enclosures that can be installed quickly and easily that permanently encloses the illegal tap. “Our customers in South America, Africa, Europe and other places around the world have lamented to us about the logistical challenge of having to repair illegal taps. In response, we developed a solution that simplifies the process and encompasses them permanently,” states Pete Haburt, General Sales Manager at PLIDCO.
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