PLIDCO® Provides Late Night Repair Solution for Leaking Split+Sleeve Bolt

PLIDCO (the industry’s leading manufacturer of pipeline repair fittings), received a late night call to provide repair recommendations for a leak that was occurring through one of the bolts on a 20+year old Split+Sleeve.

Apparently, in 1989 during installation, the company’s work crew welded the Split+Sleeve by removing one stud at a time and replacing them with a steel rod and welding the steel rod to the side bar – a practice not recommended by PLIDCO and one that was apparently an anomaly on this application.

Not surprisingly, one of the studswelds developed a leak – at a rate of about one drop per minute.

For every pipeline problem, there are a number of repair solutions that will work.   However, the goal is to choose the solution that best meets the customer’s objectives with regard to turnaround time, safety, and other concerns.

PLIDCO’s initial response was to recommend “peening” the leaky weld followed by back-welding for a quick, safe solution that would minimize downtime to the pipeline. While a workable solution, this particular company was looking for a more permanent repair.

“To provide a more permanent solution, I knew we would need to go to the office and look at the drawings to see the particulars of the application,” stated PLIDCO’s application specialist, “Despite the fact the drawings were outdated, we were able to discover the bolt holes were 1 -7/8 inches.   We suggested that they use a larger sized weld cap – in this case, a 3” Schedule 40 Weld Cap and weld it over the hole.”

The customer agreed that this would be the best solution and appreciated the quick, after-hours response that minimized pipeline downtime. They made the repair to the leaky bolt and to all the other bolts as well to assure there would be no further problems because of the improper original installation.